How To Make A Transparent Image In Google Slides

Google Slides, the free slideshow presentation tool integrated with Google Drive, is an excellent utility to create impressive presentations. One of its many fantastic features includes the ability to create transparent images. This blog will guide you through the process of making an image transparent in Google Slides. So, let’s get started!

Step 1: Open your Google Slides Presentation

To start, the first thing you need to do is open Google Slides and select the presentation that you want to work on.

Step 2: Insert an Image

Next, if you haven’t already added the image you want to make transparent, go to the menu and click on Insert > Image. You can then upload an image from your computer or select one from the web, your drive, photos, or by URL.

Step 3: Adjust Image Transparency

Once you’ve inserted your desired image, click on the image to select it. Then click on Format located on the tool bar at the top.

A drop down menu will appear. From the drop down menu, click on Format Options to open the format options sidebar on the right side of the window. In the Format Options sidebar, click on Adjustments.

Under Adjustments, you’ll notice a slider for Transparency. This is what you will use to adjust the transparency of your image. Slide it to the percentage you want. Moving the slider to the right increases transparency, thus making the image more see-through.

Step 4: Enjoy your Transparent Image

That’s it! Your image now has the desired transparency. You can adjust this at any time by revisiting the format options. Isn’t it simple?


Google Slides is a powerful tool for creating presentations. It offers many creative options, one of which is the ability to create transparent images. Hopefully, this guide has made the process easy for you. Happy presenting!