How To Make A Quad Chart In Powerpoint

When it comes to presenting data and information in an engaging way, quad charts are among the most effective tools at our disposal. A quad chart, as the name suggests, is a chart divided into four equal sections, each with a specific role. Today, we will delve into how to create a Quad chart in PowerPoint.

Getting Started

Open PowerPoint and start a new presentation by clicking on “File” then “New Presentation”. Choose a simple layout for your slide.

Creating the Quad Chart

Once your PowerPoint layout is ready, we can start creating our quad chart.

Step 1: Drawing the Chart

Go to the “Insert” tab in the PowerPoint toolbar, and find the “Table” button. Click on it and select a 2×2 table as we are looking to divide our slide into four equal parts.

Step 2: Styling the Chart

Once you have your table, you can customize it according to your preference. You can change the color of the cells, adjust the border thickness or color, and even add effects for a more appealing look. To do this, simply click on the table and use the “Design” and “Format” tabs under “Table Tools” in the toolbar.

Step 3: Adding Content

Now that your quad chart is ready, you can start adding your content. Simply click on each cell to add text, images, or any other type of content you need to present. Remember to balance out your content evenly across the four sections for an effective presentation.


Quad charts can be quite effective in neatly presenting substantial amounts of data and ideas in a compact and understandable manner. They allow your audience to grasp your presentation’s main points at a glance. So don’t shy away from using quad charts the next time you need to give a standout presentation. Happy presenting!