How To Make A Game Using Google Slides

Do you know that you can make a game using Google Slides? Yes, you heard it right! Google Slides is not just for business presentations but it is also a perfect tool for educational and fun activities like creating games. This post will guide you on how to create an interactive game using Google Slides.

Step 1: Plan Your Game

Before you start with Google Slides, planning is crucial. Decide what type of game you want to make. It could be a quiz game, a trivia game, or perhaps a choose your own adventure game. Once you have decided on the type of game, sketch out the flow of the game. You need to know the pathways a player can take, the questions that will be asked, and the possible answers.

Step 2: Create a New Google Slides Presentation

To start off, go to Google Drive, click the “+ New” button and select Google Slides. This will open a new presentation for you to work on.

Step 3: Design Your Slides

You can use the first slide as your game’s title slide. The following slides will serve as the different stages or levels of your game. Customize each slide according to your game’s theme and design using the provided tools on the toolbar.

Step 4: Create the Interactivity

To create an interactive game, you need to utilize the hyperlinking feature of Google Slides. You can create buttons that, when clicked, will bring a player to a different slide. Here is how to do it:

1. Create a shape or text box to serve as your button.
2. Right-click on the shape/text box and select "Link".
3. On the Link settings, click "Slides in this presentation" to link to a slide in your presentation.
4. Select the slide you want the button to lead to, then click "Apply".

This creates a game where players can navigate by clicking the buttons you’ve created.

Step 5: Test Your Game

Before you let others play your game, make sure to test it first. Click on Present at the top right corner of the screen and go through your game to see if everything works as it should.


There you have it! Now you know how to create an interactive game using Google Slides. The steps are straightforward, and the best part is that it’s free to use. Have fun creating your game!