How To Make A Digital Escape Room Using Google Slides

In the digital age, an innovative and educational activity that is gaining popularity is the digital escape room. Used in classrooms or just for fun at home, these interactive games combine problem-solving and knowledge to ‘escape’. You would be surprised to know that these can be easily created using Google Slides – a free tool.

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Today, we shall explore step by step on how to do this.

Step 1: Creating Your Story

The first step in creating a digital escape room is to have a story or theme. This is what makes your escape room unique, and it should be engaging and exciting. Think about the clues you want to provide and how they link to the story. This story will guide the design and puzzles of your escape room.

Step 2: Designing the Room

Google Slides is a fantastic tool to design the room. You can use the different shapes, lines, and images to design the room according to your theme.

Step 3: Making Interactive Elements

Adding interactivity to your escape room is what makes it a game. This can be done by making clickable elements that lead to clues or puzzles. In Google Slides, you can do this by creating hyperlinks on your elements. To create a hyperlink, click on the element, then click on the Insert menu and choose Link. Then, you can choose the slide that the element will link to when clicked.

Step 4: Creating Puzzles

Puzzles are at the heart of any escape room, and a digital escape room is no different. The puzzles should be related to your theme and story. They could be riddles, word searches, math problems or any other type of puzzle.

Step 5: Testing Your Escape Room

Once you’ve built your escape room, it’s crucial to test it to ensure that it works as intended. Play through it multiple times, and have others test it too. Make sure that all the hyperlinks lead to the correct slides and that all puzzles are solvable.

Step 6: Sharing Your Escape Room

Once you’re happy with your digital escape room, it’s time to share it with others. With Google Slides, you can easily share your creation by clicking on the Share button in the top right corner. You can choose who to share it with, and whether they can view or edit the escape room.

Creating a digital escape room with Google Slides is a fun and creative project. With this guide, you can make your own interactive game that you can share with your friends, students, or family. Happy creating!