How To Make A Board Game On Google Slides

Google Slides is a versatile tool that goes way beyond creating presentations. Did you know you can create interactive board games with it? With some creativity and a slight technical know-how, you can create your own board game for educational or entertainment purposes. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to make a board game on Google Slides.

Step 1: Open Google Slides and Create a New Presentation

To get started, you need to open Google Slides. From your Google Drive, click ‘+New’, then select ‘Google Slides’. This will open a new presentation.

Step 2: Design Your Board

Think of your game layout. Is it going to be a simple path or will it have multiple routes? Once you have a plan, design your board. You can use shapes, lines, and colors to define the game track. To insert shapes, click on the ‘Shape’ button on the toolbar and select the shape you want.

Step 3: Insert Game Components

Most board games have game components like start and end points, obstacles, rewards, and game pieces. You can create these using shapes and images. For instance, you can represent an obstacle with a red circle and a reward with a star. All these can be inserted using the ‘Insert’ menu.

Step 4: Add Interactivity

Google Slides allows you to link different slides together. This feature can be used to add interactivity to your game. For instance, when a player lands on a certain spot, they can be taken to a different slide showing the consequence or reward. To link slides, highlight the object, right-click, and select ‘Link’. In the dialogue box that appears, choose ‘Slides in this presentation’ and select the slide you want to link to.

Step 5: Finalize your game

After setting up all the game components and adding interactivity, review your game to ensure it works as expected. You might need to adjust some elements to improve the gameplay. Once you’re satisfied with your game, it’s time to share it! You can share it via email, social media, or any other way you prefer.


Creating a board game on Google Slides is an excellent way to foster learning and engagement. Whether you’re an educator looking for a fun way to teach concepts or a parent wanting to entertain and educate your children, this guide will help you create an interactive board game using a tool you probably already have – Google Slides. Happy gaming!