How To Live On Mackinac Island

If you’ve ever dreamed of escaping the hustle and bustle of city life and immersing yourself in a more serene environment, Mackinac Island is your go-to destination. Located in Lake Huron, between Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas, this island offers a peaceful and scenic setting like no other. This blog post will give you a comprehensive guide on how to live on Mackinac Island.

Getting Around on Mackinac Island

One of the most unique aspects about Mackinac Island is that cars are banned since 1898. This has been done to preserve the historic charm and atmosphere of the island. Instead of cars, bicycles, horse-drawn carriages, and walking are the primary modes of transportation. Don’t worry about getting bored – these old-fashioned methods of travel allow you to appreciate the island’s stunning natural beauty at a relaxed pace.


The housing situation on Mackinac Island can be a bit challenging due to its popularity as a tourist destination. However, with careful planning, you can find a suitable residence. There are various housing options available, from charming Victorian homes to modern apartments. Keep in mind that the cost of living may be higher than the mainland due to the island’s isolated location.


Most of the employment on Mackinac Island is centered around tourism. Job opportunities range from hotel staff, restaurant workers, tour guides to positions in retail or horse carriage drivers. Additionally, there are a few year-round positions in education, healthcare, and local government.


Despite its small size, Mackinac Island has a public school that caters to both elementary and high school students. The school offers a low student-to-teacher ratio which allows for personalized attention and a quality education for all students.

Activities and Entertainment

Living on Mackinac Island means you have an abundance of outdoor activities at your disposal. From biking, hiking, and horse riding in the summer, to cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter. The island also hosts various festivals and events throughout the year for entertainment.

Mackinac Island is not just a place to live, it’s a lifestyle. It’s about embracing a slower pace of life, appreciating the charm of a bygone era, and enjoying the beauty of nature. If you’re ready for a unique living experience, Mackinac Island could be your perfect home.


If you are looking for a place where you can get away from the fast-paced life of the city, Mackinac Island might just be the place for you. With its unique no-cars policy, breathtaking views, and serene lifestyle, it is indeed a little piece of paradise on earth.