How To Live Instagram On Mac

Instagram is an incredible social media platform, allowing billions of users worldwide to share their experiences, connect with others, and discover new content. One of the features that stand out is Instagram Live – a feature that enables you to broadcast live video to your followers. However, Instagram is primarily designed for mobile devices, and many users wonder if it’s possible to go live from their desktop computers, especially Mac.

Indeed, it is possible. This blog post will guide you through steps on how to live stream on Instagram from your Mac. We’ll use a third-party software named Yellow Duck.

Step 1: Download and Install Yellow Duck

Yellow Duck is a free software tool that allows Instagram users to go live from their PCs and Macs. You can download it from the official Yellow Duck website.

Step 2: Log into Your Instagram Account

After installing Yellow Duck, launch the application. You will see a simple interface asking for your Instagram username and password. Enter your login details.

Step 3: Get Your RTMP URL and Stream Key

Once logged into your Instagram account through Yellow Duck, you will be provided with the RTMP URL and a stream key. Remember not to share your stream key with anyone, as it gives access to streaming on your Instagram account.

Step 4: Enter the RTMP URL and Stream Key in Your Broadcasting Software

Most broadcasting software allows you to enter the RTMP URL and stream key as a method of live streaming. If you are using OBS Studio, for instance, navigate to the settings, click on the “Stream” tab, select “Custom” in the “Service” dropdown menu, and then paste your RTMP URL and stream key in the respective fields.

Step 5: Start Streaming

Once the RTMP URL and stream key are set in your broadcasting software, you’re all set. Start your stream in the broadcasting software, and it will appear on Instagram Live!

Remember that Instagram Live videos are displayed vertically, so you might want to adjust your broadcasting software settings to fit this format.


And there you have it! With Yellow Duck, you can easily live stream on Instagram from your Mac. While Instagram doesn’t officially support live streaming from desktop computers, third-party tools like Yellow Duck make it possible. Share your moments, connect with your followers, and enjoy the Instagram Live experience from the comfort of your Mac.