How To Link Trello And Slack

If you are a project manager seeking to enhance your workflow, or a team member aiming to remain organized with your tasks, connecting Trello and Slack could be the answer. This guide will instruct you on how to integrate Trello and Slack, allowing for more efficient project management and team collaboration.

Why Link Trello with Slack?

Trello is a fantastic project management tool, while Slack is the definitive team communication platform. By integrating Trello with Slack, you can create a supercharged workspace where you can update cards, add comments, receive notifications, and much more – all without leaving Slack. Now, let’s learn how to integrate them.

Before You Start

Ensure you have the appropriate permissions on both Trello and Slack. You must be an admin or have the necessary authorization to add integrations.

Step 1: Find the Trello App in Slack

In your Slack workspace, go to the Apps section (located in the left sidebar) and search for “Trello”. Click on the Trello app to start the installation process.

Step 2: Install the Trello App

Click on the green button that says “Add to Slack”. You will be redirected to Slack’s website for the next steps.

Step 3: Authenticate Slack on Trello

You will now be asked to authenticate and link your Trello and Slack accounts. Click on the “Link Trello Account” button and follow the prompts to log into your Trello account and grant permissions.

Step 4: Add Trello to a Slack Channel

Once your accounts are linked, you can add the Trello app to any of your Slack channels. In the channel, type the following command:

/invite @trello

This will bring the Trello bot into your channel, and you can start managing your Trello board directly from Slack.

Step 5: Link a Trello Board to a Slack Channel

To link a specific Trello board to your Slack channel, use the following command:

/trello link [board url]

Replace [board url] with the URL of your Trello board. Once a board is linked, any updates on that board will be posted to your Slack channel. You can also create new cards, move existing ones, and much more, directly from Slack!

Wrapping Up

Linking Trello with Slack unlocks new levels of productivity and collaboration for your team. Now that you know how to do it, it’s time to get started and take your project management skills to new heights!