How To Let People Into Zoom Meeting

Zoom is a widely used video conferencing platform that enables individuals to remotely connect and communicate with each other. Whether you are initiating a meeting or joining one, it is crucial to understand the procedure for admitting participants into the Zoom meeting. Here are some guidelines to assist you:

Step 1: Start the Meeting

To start a Zoom meeting, open the Zoom app on your device and click on the “New Meeting” button. This will launch a new meeting and generate a unique meeting ID for you to share with others.

Step 2: Share the Meeting Link

Once the meeting is started, you can share the meeting link with others by clicking on the “Invite” button. This will copy the meeting link to your clipboard, which you can then paste into an email or chat message to send to your participants.

Step 3: Share the Meeting ID and Passcode

In addition to sharing the meeting link, you should also share the meeting ID and passcode with your participants. This information can be found in the “Invitation” section of the Zoom app. You can either copy and paste this information into an email or chat message, or you can use the “Copy Invitation” button to generate a pre-formatted invitation that includes all the necessary details.

Step 4: Wait for Participants

Once you have shared the meeting link and information with your participants, wait for them to join the meeting. You can see who has joined by looking at the “Participants” panel in the Zoom app. If someone is having trouble joining, you can try troubleshooting their connection or providing additional instructions.

Step 5: Start the Meeting

Once everyone has joined the meeting, you can start the meeting by clicking on the “Start” button. This will launch the video and audio for all participants, allowing them to see and hear each other.


Letting people into a Zoom meeting is a simple process that involves sharing the meeting link, ID, and passcode with your participants. By following these steps, you can ensure that everyone can join the meeting and participate fully.