How To Know Who Started The Sprint In Jira

Are you enjoying using Jira’s collaborative platform but struggling to easily identify who initiated a sprint? You’ve come to the right spot! As a project management tool, Jira offers a fantastic platform for managing sprints in an agile project. However, determining the individual who began a sprint may not always be a simple task – but no need to fret! This blog post will walk you through the necessary steps.

Steps to Find Out Who Started the Sprint

Currently, Jira does not provide a built-in feature to check who started the sprint directly. However, we can get this information
from the issue history since starting a sprint affects the ‘Sprint’ field of the issues included in the sprint.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to get this done:

Step 1: Open the Jira Issue

Open any issue that was initially in the sprint. If you are unsure, you can select an issue from the ‘Active sprints’ tab of your
Scrum project.

Step 2: Go to Issue History

Once the issue is open, click on ‘History’ tab which lies just beside the ‘Activity’ tab.

Step 3: Find the Sprint Information

In the history tab, look for an entry where the ‘Sprint’ field was changed from ‘None‘ to your sprint name. This
entry indicates when and by whom the sprint was started.

Some points to note while using this workaround:

  • The user must have the ‘View Issue’ permission to see the Issue History tab.
  • If the issue was moved to the sprint after it had already started, this method will not work for that issue.


While it’s not directly possible to know who started a sprint in Jira, it’s still possible by leveraging issue history. As Jira
continues to develop and add new features, the possibility of having this feature directly built-in could become a reality. But,
until then, the workaround described above should serve your purpose well and help you keep track of sprint initiations.