How To Keep Text In Same Line Html

In web design, sometimes it is necessary to keep text elements on the same line, regardless of the text content length or screen size. This blog post will discuss various ways to achieve this effect using HTML and CSS.

1. Using Inline Elements

By default, several HTML elements are displayed as inline elements. This means that they do not force a line break and will appear on the same line as the surrounding content. Some examples of inline elements include <span>, <em>, and <strong>. To keep text on the same line using inline elements, simply wrap the text content within the desired inline element:

    &lt;span&gt;This text&lt;/span&gt; &lt;span&gt;will stay on the same line.&lt;/span&gt;

2. Using CSS Display Property

Another way to keep text on the same line is by using the CSS display property. By setting an element’s display property to inline or inline-block, it will behave like an inline element and not force a line break. Here’s an example of how to use the display property to keep text on the same line:

        .inline-text {
            display: inline-block;

    &lt;div class="inline-text"&gt;This text&lt;/div&gt; &lt;div class="inline-text"&gt;will stay on the same line.&lt;/div&gt;

3. Using Non-Breaking Space

A non-breaking space, represented by the HTML character entity &nbsp;, can be used to keep text on the same line. When a non-breaking space is used between two text elements, the browser will treat them as a single unbreakable unit and will not break the line between them. Here’s an example of using non-breaking spaces to keep text on the same line:

    This text&amp;nbsp;will stay on the same line.

4. Using White-Space CSS Property

The CSS white-space property can be used to control how whitespace within an element is handled. By setting the white-space property to nowrap, the text content within the element will not wrap to a new line, and any line breaks or whitespace will be collapsed. Here’s an example of using the white-space property to keep text on the same line:

        .no-wrap {
            white-space: nowrap;

    &lt;div class="no-wrap"&gt;
        This text will stay on the same line.

By using these techniques, you can easily control text wrapping in your HTML documents and ensure that text stays on the same line when desired. Choose the approach that best fits your use case and design requirements.