How To Keep A Window On Top In Windows 10

Have you ever wanted to keep a window always on top while working on multiple applications? It can be quite handy, especially when multitasking or comparing information between applications. In this blog post, we will discuss how to keep a window on top in Windows 10 using various methods.

Method 1: Using the built-in feature in some applications

Some applications have a built-in feature to keep their window on top. For example, the Windows Calculator app has this feature. To use it, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Windows Calculator app.
  2. Click on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) at the top-left corner of the window.
  3. Select Always on Top from the drop-down menu.

The calculator window will now stay on top of all other windows.

Method 2: Using third-party software

There are several third-party applications available that can help you keep a window on top in Windows 10. One such application is called DeskPins. Here’s how you can use DeskPins:

  1. Download DeskPins from the official website:
  2. Install and run the application.
  3. A pin icon will appear in the system tray. Click on it to activate DeskPins.
  4. Now, click on the title bar of the window you want to keep on top.
  5. A pin icon will appear on the title bar, indicating that the window is now set to stay on top.

Method 3: Using AutoHotkey script

AutoHotkey is a powerful scripting language for Windows. You can use it to create a script that will keep a window on top in Windows 10. Follow these steps:

  1. Download and install AutoHotkey from the official website:
  2. Create a new text file on your desktop, and rename its extension from .txt to .ahk.
  3. Right-click the newly created script file and select Edit Script.
  4. Copy and paste the following code into the script file:
^SPACE::  ; Press Ctrl+Space to toggle the selected window's "Always on Top" property
    WinGet, currentWindow, ID, A
    WinSet, AlwaysOnTop, Toggle, ahk_id %currentWindow%
  1. Save the file and double-click it to run the script.
  2. Now, you can use the Ctrl+Space keyboard shortcut to toggle the “Always on Top” property of any active window.

And there you have it! These are three easy methods to keep a window on top in Windows 10. Choose the one that best suits your needs and happy multitasking!