How To Invest In Figma

“Investing in tech firms is a current trend, and Figma, a design tool on the cloud, has garnered the interest of investors. However, investing in private companies such as Figma can be more complex than investing in publicly traded companies. In this blog post, we will provide guidance on investing in Figma.”

Understanding Figma

Before investing, it is crucial to understand what Figma is. Figma is a cloud-based design tool used by designers to create user interfaces for websites, mobile apps, and smaller design tasks. It is known for its collaborative approach as multiple designers can work on the same project simultaneously.

Investment Opportunities in Private Companies

Unlike public companies, private companies like Figma don’t have shares listed on public exchanges. Therefore, direct investment is not as straightforward. Mainly, people invest in private companies during funding rounds or through Private Equity funds.

Investing During Funding Rounds

Funding rounds are stages when a company raises capital. Private companies often do this to expand their business operations. Investors can take this as an opportunity to invest in Figma. However, this is usually open to institutional investors or high-net-worth individuals due to the high minimum investment requirements.

Investing Through Private Equity Funds

Private Equity (PE) funds pool money from various investors to invest in private companies. This is a more accessible route for individual investors compared to funding rounds. However, this also comes with high minimum investment requirements and longer lock-in periods.

Secondary Markets

A less traditional channel to invest in private companies like Figma is through secondary markets. In this platform, you can buy shares from existing shareholders who wish to sell their stake.

Risks Involved

Investing in private companies comes with its share of risks, including lack of liquidity, lack of transparency, and higher investment minimums. Therefore, it is recommended that investors conduct thorough research and understand the implications before investing.


While channels to invest in Figma are limited and come with higher risks, the potential for high returns is significant given Figma’s increasing popularity and robust business model. Always consider your risk tolerance, investment horizon, and financial situation before making an investment decision.