How To Instagram And Facebook

If you are unfamiliar with social media, Instagram and Facebook may appear intimidating. But, by utilizing a strategic approach and comprehending these networks, you can effectively leverage them to interact with others, showcase your lifestyle, or advertise your company. Let’s explore!


Facebook is a social networking platform where users can create a profile, add other users as friends, send messages, and post on their timeline. Let’s see how you can get started on Facebook.

Creating a Facebook Account

Creating a Facebook account is pretty straightforward. Visit, fill in the registration form with your details, and click Sign Up.

Using Facebook

Once you’ve created your account, it’s time to start interacting with other users. You can search for friends, family, or colleagues using the search bar at the top of the page. Simply type their name into the search bar and hit enter. Once you’ve found them, click on their profile and click Add Friend.

You can also share posts, photos or videos on your timeline. To do this, simply click on the What’s on your mind? box at the top of your newsfeed, write or upload your content, then click Post.


Instagram is a free photo and video sharing app where users can apply digital filters, share on a variety of social networking services, and interact with others through likes, comments, and private messaging.

Creating an Instagram Account

To create an Instagram account, download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once installed, open the app and sign up using your email or Facebook account.

Using Instagram

After setting up your account, you can start to follow users. You can search for users in the search tab and press Follow on their profile.

To post a photo or video, tap the + icon at the bottom of your screen, choose a photo or video from your library, add filters if you’d like, write a caption, and tap Share.

Both Facebook and Instagram offer various features that allow for a rich social media experience. So start exploring, engaging, and enjoying these platforms to the fullest!