How To Import Json File In Figma

Figma is a highly effective tool in the design world that assists designers in producing visually stunning interfaces and prototypes. Were you aware that Figma has the capability to import JSON files to simplify your design workflow? JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight format for exchanging data that is readable and easily written. It is also simple to interpret and generate. In this blog post, we will lead you through the process of importing a JSON file into Figma.


Before we begin, you need to ensure you have the following:

  • A Figma account
  • A JSON file
  • FigJam (Figma’s whiteboard tool used for importing JSON files)

Steps to Import a JSON file in Figma

1. Open Your Figma Design File

To start with, open the Figma design file where you want to import the JSON data.

2. Install the Google Sheets Sync Plugin

Figma doesn’t natively support JSON import. However, there are plugins like the Google Sheets Sync that can help. This plugin allows you to import data from a Google Sheet, which can easily be filled with information from a JSON file.

To install, just go to the ‘Community’ tab in Figma, search for ‘Google Sheets Sync’, and click on the ‘Install’ button.

3. Convert Your JSON file to CSV

Unfortunately, Google Sheets Sync does not support direct JSON import. You need to convert your JSON file to CSV format first. There are many online tools available for this, just search for “JSON to CSV converter” in your browser.

4. Import the CSV file to Google Sheets

Once you have your CSV file, import it to Google Sheets. You can do this by creating a new Google Sheet, clicking on File -> Import -> Upload, and then selecting the CSV file from your device.

5. Sync Your Google Sheet with Figma

After importing the CSV file to Google Sheets, now it’s time to sync it with Figma. Open the Figma file you want to import data into, run the Google Sheets Sync plugin, and paste the URL of the Google Sheet in the provided input field. Following this, click ‘Import’.

// Code snippet showing Google Sheets Sync plugin usage
const sheetUrl = 'your-google-sheet-url';

And voila! Your Figma design now has the JSON data imported.


Though there is no direct way of importing JSON files into Figma, it can still be accomplished with a few extra steps. Using the Google Sheets Sync plugin, you can import your JSON data into Figma smoothly and efficiently. This process can greatly help in generating design prototypes that require dynamic data.