How To Hashtag On Facebook

Hashtags are an essential part of social media marketing. They help categorize content, making it easily discoverable by users. Today, we’ll explore how to hashtag on Facebook, one of the world’s most widely used social media platforms.

What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is a keyword or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#). When used in a social media post, it becomes an active link. Clicking on this link will bring up other posts that also use the same hashtag. This feature makes it easier for users to find content related to specific topics.

Steps to Hashtag on Facebook

1. Create a New Facebook Post

Go to your Facebook homepage. Click the “Create Post” button to start a new post.

2. Write Your Post

Type in your post content as you normally would. When you want to include a hashtag, use the hash symbol (#) followed by your chosen keyword or phrase, with no spaces. For example: #FacebookMarketingTips.

3. Click Post

Once you’ve added your hashtags, simply click “Post”. Your hashtags will now be clickable and will link to a page with other posts that contain the same hashtag.

Best Practices for Hashtagging on Facebook

Hashtags can be a powerful tool when used correctly. Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your hashtagging experience on Facebook:

  • Relevance: Always make sure your hashtags are relevant to the content of the post.
  • Uniqueness: If you’re running a campaign, use a unique hashtag to easily track all related posts.
  • Simplicity: Keep your hashtags simple and easy to understand. This will increase the likelihood of them being used by others.
  • Limit: Don’t overload your posts with hashtags. A few well-chosen ones are far more effective.


Using hashtags on Facebook is an easy way to expand your reach and gain visibility for your posts. With a bit of practice and strategic thinking, hashtags can significantly amplify your social media marketing efforts. Happy hashtagging!