How To Give Access To Jira Board

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In order for project teams to visually track tasks and work progress, the Jira board serves as a beneficial tool. However, access must be granted for team members to view and engage with the Jira board. This blog post aims to provide guidance on granting access to the Jira board.

Access Settings in Jira

Jira offers an access control system that allows project administrators to control who can see and do what on a particular project or board. The access settings are found in the Board settings or Project settings depending on the type of board.

Steps to Give Access to Jira Board

Here are steps on how to give access to Jira board:

  1. Login into your Jira account. Make sure that you have administrative privileges to give access to others.

  2. Navigate to the board for which you want to give access. Click on Board from the menu, then click on the board’s name from the dropdown list.

  3. Click on Board settings located on the top right of the screen.

  4. From the sidebar, click on Permissions.

  5. In the permissions page, you can choose who can “Browse Projects”, “Create Issues”, “Edit Issues” and so on. These are self-explanatory, and you can hover over each permission to get a brief description.

  6. To add users or user groups to a permission, click on the Add link next to the permission, then search and select the users or groups.

  7. Once you are done with setting permissions, click on Save.


That’s all about giving access to a Jira board. Now that you have given your team members access, they can collaborate on projects more efficiently by keeping track of tasks and work progress directly on the board. Remember, as a project administrator, it’s your responsibility to manage who can see and do what on your Jira boards.