How To Get Windows 7 Product Key From Bios

If you’re running Windows 7 on your computer or laptop and you need to reinstall or upgrade your operating system, you’ll need your Windows 7 product key. If you can’t find your product key, don’t worry – it’s possible to retrieve it from your computer’s BIOS. In this blog post, we will walk you through the process of getting your Windows 7 product key from BIOS.

What is BIOS?

BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is a firmware that is built into the motherboard of your computer. It contains all the necessary information and settings required for your computer to boot up and run correctly. When you turn on your computer, the BIOS initializes the hardware components and loads the operating system into memory.

Why is the Windows 7 Product Key Stored in BIOS?

The Windows 7 product key is stored in the BIOS because it allows for automatic activation of the operating system when it’s installed on the computer. This makes it easy and convenient for users since there’s no need to enter the product key manually during installation or activation of the operating system.

How to Get Windows 7 Product Key from BIOS

To get your Windows 7 product key from BIOS, you’ll need to use a third-party software tool. One such tool is RWEverything. Follow these steps to retrieve your product key:

  1. Download RWEverything from its official website:
  2. Extract the downloaded ZIP file and run the RW.exe (32-bit) or RW64.exe (64-bit) file, depending on your system.
  3. Once the program opens, click on the ACPI button located in the toolbar.
  4. In the new window, click on the MSDM tab.
  5. Your Windows 7 product key will be displayed in the Data section under the Value column.

Now that you have retrieved your Windows 7 product key from BIOS, you can use it to reinstall or upgrade your operating system.

Important Note

If you’re unable to find an MSDM tab in RWEverything or there’s no product key listed, it’s possible that your computer doesn’t have the Windows 7 product key stored in the BIOS. In this case, you may need to look for other ways to retrieve your product key or consider purchasing a new one.


Retrieving your Windows 7 product key from BIOS is a simple process when you have the right tool. With RWEverything, you can easily find your product key and use it to reinstall or upgrade your operating system. However, if you can’t find the product key in BIOS, you may need to explore other options to obtain a valid Windows 7 product key.