How To Get To Library On Mac

The Library folder on a Mac is a crucial part of the system that houses important files and data. However, due to its significance and to prevent accidental deletions, Apple keeps it hidden from view. In today’s blog post, we’ll guide you on how to access this vital Library folder in a few simple steps.

Method 1: Using the ‘Go’ Menu

This is perhaps the simplest method to access your Mac’s Library folder. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Finder.
  2. Click on the ‘Go’ menu at the top of your screen.
  3. Press and hold the ‘Option’ key. You’ll see the Library folder appear in the dropdown menu.
  4. Click on ‘Library’ to open the folder.

You can also access this folder by using the Go to Folder command. The command is ~/Library.

Method 2: Using Terminal

Another method to access the Library folder is via Terminal, which is the command-line interface for macOS. Here’s how:

  1. Open Terminal. You can do this by searching ‘Terminal’ in Spotlight, or by finding it in the Utilities folder within the Applications folder.
  2. Type the following command:

    open ~/Library

Press Enter. This will open the Library folder.

Method 3: Permanently Unhide the Library Folder

If you frequently need to access the Library folder, it might be convenient to permanently unhide it. To do this:

  1. Open Finder and navigate to your home folder. You can do this by selecting ‘Go’ from the top menu, then ‘Home’.
  2. With your home folder open, click ‘View’ from the top menu, then ‘Show View Options’.
  3. In the window that opens, check the box for ‘Show Library Folder’. The Library folder will now remain visible in your home folder.


Accessing the Library folder on your Mac may seem a bit complicated due to its hidden nature. However, with these simple steps, you can easily reach it whenever necessary. Just remember to be careful when altering or deleting files within the Library, as it could impact the functioning of your Mac.