How To Get Ruby Drill Hypixel Skyblock

In this blog post, we will discuss how to get the Ruby Drill in Hypixel SkyBlock, a popular Minecraft server. The Ruby Drill is a special mining tool that provides players with various benefits, such as increased mining speed and efficiency. To obtain this powerful tool, you’ll need to follow a series of steps and complete specific tasks.


  1. Minecraft Java Edition
  2. Access to Hypixel SkyBlock server

Step 1: The Heart of the Mountain (HOTM) Tier

Before you can obtain the Ruby Drill, you need to reach Heart of the Mountain (HOTM) Tier 4. If you’re not at this tier yet, you’ll need to mine ores and participate in mining events in the Dwarven Mines to level up your Heart of the Mountain.

How to level up your HOTM:

  • Mine ores in the Dwarven Mines
  • Participate in mining events such as Raffle, Goblin Raid, and more
  • Complete daily and weekly quests

Remember, it’s essential to reach HOTM Tier 4 before you can unlock the Ruby Drill.

Step 2: Gathering Resources

Once you have reached HOTM Tier 4, you need to gather the required resources to craft the Ruby Drill. Here’s a list of the necessary resources:

  • 1x Refined Titanium
  • 1x Refined Diamond
  • 1x Refined Mithril
  • 12x Ruby Gems

Refined Titanium and Refined Mithril can be obtained by refining Titanium and Mithril ores in a Forge, respectively. Refined Diamond can be obtained by refining Diamond ores in a Forge.

Ruby Gems can be obtained by mining Ruby ores in the Crystal Hollows. To access the Crystal Hollows, you need to have at least HOTM Tier 3 and complete the quest “To the Center!” given by the NPC named Drill Master at the entrance of the Dwarven Mines.

Step 3: Crafting the Ruby Drill

Once you have gathered all the resources, you can now craft the Ruby Drill. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the SkyBlock menu by right-clicking the Nether Star in your inventory
  2. Select the “Workbench” icon to open the crafting table menu
  3. Place the resources in the crafting table according to the recipe below:


  • R = Ruby Gem
  • T = Refined Titanium
  • D = Refined Diamond
  • M = Refined Mithril

Once you have placed the resources in the correct pattern, the Ruby Drill will appear in the result slot. Click on it to add it to your inventory.


Now that you’ve successfully crafted the Ruby Drill, you can enjoy its benefits, such as increased mining speed and efficiency. Keep in mind that the Ruby Drill can be upgraded with fuel and special gems, further enhancing its properties. Good luck on your mining journey in Hypixel SkyBlock!