How To Get Refund From Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager is a powerful tool for businesses and individuals to promote their products or services on Facebook. However, sometimes things don’t go as planned and you may need to request a refund for your ad spend. In this article, we will guide you through the process of getting a refund from Facebook Ads Manager.

Step 1: Log in to Facebook Ads Manager

The first step is to log in to your Facebook Ads Manager account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one by going to Once you are logged in, you will be taken to the dashboard where you can see all your ad campaigns.

Step 2: Find the Ad Campaign You Want to Refund

Next, you need to find the ad campaign that you want to request a refund for. To do this, click on the “Campaigns” tab in the left-hand menu and then select the campaign that you want to refund. Once you have selected the campaign, you will see all the ad sets and ads within that campaign.

Step 3: Request a Refund

To request a refund, click on the “Actions” drop-down menu in the top right corner of the page and select “Request Refund”. You will then be taken to a form where you can enter the reason for your refund request. Make sure to provide as much detail as possible so that Facebook can understand why you are requesting a refund.

Step 4: Submit Your Request

Once you have filled out the form, click on “Submit” and your refund request will be sent to Facebook. You should receive an email confirmation within a few minutes letting you know that your request has been received.

Step 5: Wait for Your Refund

After submitting your refund request, you will need to wait for Facebook to review it. This process can take up to 30 days, so be patient. If your request is approved, you will receive a credit on your Facebook Ads Manager account or a refund to your payment method.


Getting a refund from Facebook Ads Manager can be a simple process if you follow the steps outlined in this article. Remember to provide as much detail as possible when requesting a refund and be patient while waiting for Facebook to review your request.