How To Get Live Shape Properties In Photoshop

Known for its advanced editing capabilities, Adobe Photoshop provides numerous tools to improve your design process. One of these tools is the option to work with live shapes. These shapes are vector objects that maintain their vector qualities until they are converted to raster, providing a great amount of control and adaptability. In this blog post, you will be directed through the steps to access and alter live shape properties in Photoshop.

Accessing Live Shape Properties

To access the properties of a live shape, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new file in Photoshop (you can do this by clicking on File > New).
  2. Next, select the Rectangle Tool (U) from the toolbar. This tool allows you to create rectangles with adjustable rounded corners, which are an example of live shapes.
  3. Draw a rectangle on the canvas. As soon as you do this, the Properties panel (at the right side of the workspace by default) will display the properties of the live shape you’ve just created.

Editing Live Shape Properties

Now that you’ve accessed the live shape properties, you can edit them to achieve the desired output. The Properties panel displays several shape properties such as fill, stroke, width, height, and more.

Here’s how you change these properties:

  1. To change the fill color of the shape, click on the Fill color swatch and choose a color from the color picker.
  2. To adjust the stroke color and width, click on the Stroke color swatch and adjust the width using the slider next to it.
  3. The width and height of the shape can be adjusted by entering the desired dimensions in the W (width) and H (height) fields respectively.


Live shapes in Photoshop are a powerful tool for creating scalable, editable graphics. By understanding how to access and manipulate live shape properties, you can take your design process to the next level. So, experiment with different settings and create eye-catching designs!