How To Get A Google Ad Grant


A Google Ad Grant is a program that provides nonprofit organizations with $10,000 per month in free advertising on Google. This can be a great way for nonprofits to promote their cause and reach a wider audience. In this article, we will explain how to get a Google Ad Grant and provide tips on how to make the most of it.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a Google Ad Grant, your organization must meet certain criteria. Firstly, you must be a registered nonprofit organization in your country. Secondly, you must have a website that is relevant to your cause and provides useful information to your target audience. Thirdly, you must agree to Google’s advertising policies and guidelines.

Applying for the Grant

Once you have confirmed that your organization meets the eligibility requirements, you can apply for a Google Ad Grant. The application process is straightforward and involves filling out an online form. You will need to provide information about your organization, including your mission statement, target audience, and website URL.

Setting Up Your Ad Campaign

Once you have been approved for a Google Ad Grant, you can start setting up your ad campaign. This involves creating ads that are relevant to your cause and target audience. You will need to choose keywords that are likely to be searched by people who are interested in your organization’s work.

Optimizing Your Campaign

To make the most of your Google Ad Grant, it is important to optimize your campaign regularly. This involves monitoring your ad performance and making adjustments as needed. You can use Google Analytics to track your ad’s performance and identify areas for improvement.


In conclusion, a Google Ad Grant can be a valuable resource for nonprofit organizations looking to promote their cause and reach a wider audience. By meeting the eligibility requirements, applying for the grant, setting up your ad campaign, and optimizing it regularly, you can make the most of this program and achieve your organization’s goals.