How To Format Zip Code In Google Sheets

Formatting data correctly is crucial when handling large datasets for consistency and ease of use. One area where this becomes important is in managing zip codes. Google Sheets, like most spreadsheets, will remove leading zeroes from numbers, including zip codes. This could lead to inconsistencies in your data, especially when working with geographical areas. Here, we explore a simple process to correctly format zip codes in Google Sheets.

Formatting Zip Codes

For US zip codes, they come in the standard 5-digit format (12345) or the extended 9-digit format (12345-6789). When these are entered into Google Sheets, if formatted as a number, you’ll notice that any leading zeroes are dropped, which will be a problem for zip codes that start with a zero.

The simplest way to fix this is to format the cells containing the zip codes as ‘Plain Text’ rather than ‘Automatic’ or ‘Number’. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1:

Select the cells, range of cells, or columns that you want to format.

Step 2:

Click on the “Format” menu at the top of the Google Sheets interface.

Step 3:

Hover over the “Number” option in the drop-down menu and then select ‘Plain Text’.


By doing this, leading zeroes will be preserved because Google Sheets treats the data as text, not as a number.

Formatting Zip Codes Using a Custom Formula

If you need to format a list of zip codes that have been entered as numbers and have lost their leading zeroes, you can use a custom formula. Below is a simple formula to add leading zeroes to zip codes:


With this custom formula, the cell reference (A1) is the cell containing the zip code. The “00000” defines the format you want the number to be in. This formula adds leading zeros to the zip code to ensure it is five digits long.


Efficient data management is a crucial part of any data-driven project. By understanding how to correctly format zip codes in Google Sheets, you can ensure the consistency and reliability of your geographical data. Always remember to format your zip codes as ‘Plain Text’ or use a custom formula to preserve leading zeroes.