How To Find Words In Google Sheets

Google Sheets, a prominent feature of Google’s suite of online office applications, offers wide-ranging operations and functions for data manipulation and analysis. One of its handy capabilities is the ability to find specific words within your dataset. This blog post will guide you on how to utilize this function.

Using the Find and Replace Function

In Google Sheets, the simplest way to find words is by using the ‘Find and replace’ function. Here is a step by step guide:

  1. Open your Google Sheets document.
  2. Press Ctrl + F on your keyboard to open the find bar.
  3. Type the word you’re looking for into the search box and press Enter. The word will be highlighted in your document wherever it is found.
  4. If you want to replace the word, click on the three-dot button next to the search box to open the ‘Find and replace’ dialog.
  5. In the ‘Replace with’ field, enter the word you want to use as a replacement.
  6. Finally, click on ‘Replace all’ to replace every occurrence of the word in your document.

Finding Words Using Google Sheets’ Query Function

Besides the ‘Find and Replace’ function, you can also use Google Sheets’ QUERY function to find words. The QUERY function is profoundly powerful and versatile, allowing you to perform complex search queries within your dataset. Here is a basic example of how it works:

        =QUERY(A1:B10,"select * where A = 'Your Word'")

In this example, ‘A1:B10’ is your data range, ‘A’ refers to the column you want to search in, and ‘Your Word’ is the word you’re looking for. This will return all rows in columns A and B where the word in column A matches ‘Your Word’.


Searching for specific words in Google Sheets can be done quickly and efficiently using the ‘Find and Replace’ function or the ‘QUERY’ function. These methods are immensely suitable for handling and analyzing datasets, making Google Sheets an effective tool for your data management needs.