How To Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a convenient platform where you can buy and sell items in your local community or even across the globe. From used furniture to brand new gadgets, the Facebook Marketplace acts as your local online flea market. This blog post will guide you on how to use Facebook Marketplace effectively.

Accessing Facebook Marketplace

To access Facebook Marketplace, you need to have a Facebook account. If you already have one, simply log in. If not, you’ll have to create a new account.

Once you’ve logged in, accessing Facebook Marketplace is simple. It’s located right on the Facebook app or website. On the app, click on the shop icon at the bottom of the screen. On desktop, it’s on the left side of the Facebook page.

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Now that you’ve accessed the Facebook Marketplace, let’s go through how to sell items:

  1. Click on “Sell” or “Sell Something” button
  2. Select the type of item you’re selling
  3. Fill out the information about the item (title, description, price)
  4. Add photos of the item
  5. Choose a location for the item
  6. Click post

How to Buy on Facebook Marketplace

Buying items on Facebook Marketplace is just as easy as selling. Here’s how:

  1. Enter what you’re looking for in the search bar at the top of the Marketplace page
  2. Click on the item for more information
  3. If you’re interested, click the “Message” button to send a message to the seller
  4. Once you’ve agreed on a price and pickup location, arrange a time to meet and complete the transaction


Facebook Marketplace is a great tool for both buying and selling items. It’s easy to use and a fantastic way to find deals in your local community. But, remember to always stay safe when using it. Meet in public places for transactions and be wary of deals that seem too good to be true. Happy shopping!