How To Emoji On Mac

Did you know that emoticons or emojis can help express your feelings or mood in a fun and colorful way? If you are a Mac user, there is an easy way to type these cute little symbols. Let’s jump to see how you can integrate emojis into your daily communication.

Emoji Keyboard Shortcut

The easiest way to insert an emoji into your document, message, or post is by using the keyboard shortcut. This shortcut will open an emoji picker where you can choose from a plethora of emojis.

The shortcut for the emoji picker on Mac is Control + Command + Space.

Using Emoji Picker on Mac

Once you have opened the emoji picker using the keyboard shortcut, you can choose any emoji you like. Here are the steps on how to use it:

  1. Open a document or a place where you want to insert an emoji.
  2. Press Control + Command + Space on your keyboard.
  3. A window displaying emojis will appear.
  4. Click on the emoji you want to insert.

Your selected emoji should now appear in the document or field where your cursor was positioned.

Adding Emojis to the Touch Bar

If you are using a MacBook with a Touch Bar, you can add your frequently used emojis to the Touch Bar. This will make them more accessible whenever you want to use them.

To add emojis to the Touch Bar:

    1. Open System Preferences.
    2. Click on Keyboard.
    3. Select the "Customize Control Strip..." option.
    4. Drag and drop the "Emoji" button to the Touch Bar area in the bottom part of the screen.


You can now access your emojis right from your Touch Bar!

Wrapping Up

Emojis are a fun and expressive way to communicate with others digitally. With their use becoming more common in everyday digital communication, knowing how to access and use them on your Mac can make your chats, emails, and documents more lively and expressive. Now that you know how to do it, it’s time to start putting these colorful and expressive symbols to good use!