How To Edit Message In Slack

Slack has become a vital communication tool for numerous businesses and organizations. It enables rapid messaging, teamwork, and file sharing, among other features. However, what if you’ve already sent a message and discovered a mistake or typo? Thankfully, Slack allows you to edit your messages even after they’ve been sent. The following is a straightforward tutorial on how to edit your messages on Slack.

Step-by-Step Guide to Editing a Message in Slack

Step 1: Locate the Message

First, locate the message you want to edit. This could be a message you’ve just sent or an older message. Please note that Slack allows you to edit only your own messages.

Step 2: Open the Options Menu

Hover over the message that you want to edit. Three icons will appear at the top right of the message: a star icon, a reply in thread icon, and a more actions (three dots) icon. Click on the more actions icon to open the options menu.

Step 3: Select “Edit message”

In the options menu, click on “Edit message”. This will open up the message text in an editable format, allowing you to make changes.

Step 4: Edit and Save

Once you’re in edit mode, make your desired changes to the message text. When you’re done, press Enter on your keyboard to save your changes. If you wish to exit without saving changes, press Esc.

Editing Messages via Slack Keyboard Shortcut

An easier way to edit your most recent message is by using a keyboard shortcut. Simply press Up arrow on your keyboard and it will instantly open your last message in edit mode. Make your changes, then press Enter to save.

Can You Edit a Message in Slack After It’s Been Read?

Yes, you can edit a message in Slack even after it’s been read. However, it’s important to note that the original timestamp will not change, and an “(edited)” label will appear next to the message’s timestamp to indicate that it has been modified.

How to Delete a Message in Slack

If you’d rather delete a message instead of edit it, follow the same steps as above but select “Delete message” instead of “Edit message”. Once you confirm the deletion, the message will be removed. Please note that this action cannot be undone.

Limitations of Editing Messages in Slack

While editing messages in Slack is very useful, it is important to remember a couple of limitations:

  • You can only edit your own messages.
  • Editing a message does not resend any notifications related to the original message.
  • Only the most recent version of the message will be available in search results.

So if you use Slack as part of your team communication, don’t worry about typos or mistakes in your messages. You can easily edit your messages and keep your conversations clear and accurate. Happy Slacking!