How To Drag And Drop In Windows 11

Drag and drop is an essential feature on any operating system that allows you to move files, folders, and objects easily between various locations. In Windows 11, the process of dragging and dropping remains largely unchanged from previous versions. However, there are some new features and improvements worth exploring. In this blog post, we will cover the basics of drag and drop in Windows 11, as well as some tips and tricks to make the most out of this feature.

Basic Drag and Drop in Windows 11

To perform a basic drag and drop operation in Windows 11, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the file, folder, or object you want to move by clicking on it with your left mouse button.
  2. With the left mouse button still held down, move the cursor to the desired destination.
  3. Release the left mouse button to drop the item in the new location.

It’s as simple as that! The item you have dragged should now be in the new location. Keep in mind that the action performed during drag and drop may vary depending on the item and the destination. For example, dragging a file to a folder will move it, while dragging a file to a program might open the file with that program.

Drag and Drop with Right-Click

You can also perform drag and drop using the right mouse button, which gives you additional options when you release the button at the destination. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Select the item you want to move by clicking on it with your right mouse button.
  2. With the right mouse button still held down, move the cursor to the desired destination.
  3. Release the right mouse button and choose the desired action from the context menu that appears (e.g., Move, Copy, or Create Shortcut).

This method is particularly useful when you want to copy an item instead of moving it, or when you want to create a shortcut to a file or folder in a new location.

Using Snap Layouts with Drag and Drop in Windows 11

Windows 11 introduces a new feature called Snap Layouts, which allows you to quickly arrange open windows on your screen. You can use drag and drop to take advantage of Snap Layouts:

  1. Click and hold the title bar of the window you want to arrange.
  2. Drag the window to one of the corners or edges of the screen.
  3. When the Snap Layout preview appears, release the mouse button to snap the window into the chosen position.

This feature is especially useful when working with multiple windows or programs simultaneously, as it helps you keep your desktop organized and manageable.

Troubleshooting Drag and Drop Issues

If you’re having trouble with drag and drop functionality in Windows 11, try the following tips:

  • Make sure your mouse or touchpad drivers are up-to-date. You can check for driver updates in the Device Manager or through your device manufacturer’s website.
  • Adjust your mouse or touchpad sensitivity settings. High sensitivity may cause difficulties in accurately dragging and dropping items.
  • Scan your computer for malware and viruses. Malware can sometimes interfere with system functions like drag and drop.

If you continue to experience issues with drag and drop, consider reaching out to Microsoft Support for further assistance.


Drag and drop is a fundamental feature in Windows 11 that helps you manage your files, folders, and windows with ease. By mastering the basics and exploring the new Snap Layouts feature, you can improve your productivity and make the most out of your Windows experience. Happy dragging and dropping!