How To Download Slack In Ubuntu

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A comprehensive set of instructions for downloading and installing Slack on Ubuntu, a commonly used communication platform among developers, marketers, and executives, can be found below. This platform is highly favored for its ability to facilitate collaboration within teams.


Before proceeding with the installation of Slack, ensure that you have access to an Ubuntu terminal and the required administrative permissions. If you do not have these requirements, contact your system administrator.

Installation Steps

Step 1: Open Terminal

Open your terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T or by searching for ‘terminal’ in the system dash.

Step 2: Download Slack

Enter the following command to download the latest version of Slack:


Step 3: Install Slack

Once the download is complete, install the Slack application using the dpkg command:

    sudo dpkg -i slack-desktop-*.deb

If you encounter any dependency issues during the installation, use the following command to resolve them:

    sudo apt-get install -f

Step 4: Launch Slack

Once the installation is complete, launch Slack using the terminal or the system dash:



You have now successfully downloaded and installed Slack on Ubuntu. Enjoy communicating and collaborating with your team on Slack.

If you encounter any issues during the installation, please refer back to this guide or reach out to our community for further assistance.