How To Download Music To Google Slides

Music is a powerful tool that can enhance your presentations, adding an extra layer of professionalism and keeping your audience engaged. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring how to download music to your Google Slides presentation.

Step 1: Choose Your Music

First, you need to decide which music you want to add to your presentation. Once you’ve chosen your track, make sure you have it saved on your device or accessible on an online platform that Google Slides supports, such as YouTube.

Step 2: Upload Music to Google Drive

Google Slides doesn’t allow you to upload audio files directly. So, you’ll need to upload your music file to Google Drive first. Here’s how you do it:

1. Open Google Drive

2. Click the “+ New” button

3. Select “File Upload”

4. Find your music file and select “Open”

Step 3: Add Music to Your Google Slide

Now that your music is uploaded to Google Drive, you can add it to your Google Slides presentation. Follow these steps:

1. Open Google Slides

2. Select the slide where you want the music to play

3. Click on “Insert” in the menu

4. Select “Audio”

Now, a panel on the right side of the window will appear, showing your Google Drive files. Look for the audio file you just uploaded and select it. Your music file is now added to your slide!

Step 4: Customize Your Audio Settings

Upon adding the music file, a small icon will appear on your slide. You can click on this icon to customize your audio settings. Here are a few options you have:

1. Automatically Play Audio: To have the audio play automatically when the slide is presented, Click on “Format options” -> “Audio” -> “Start Playing” and select “Automatically”.

2. Loop Audio: If you want the audio to loop until stopped, Click on “Format options” -> “Audio” -> “Loop Audio” -> “Until Stopped”.

And there you have it! With these simple steps, you can add a whole new dimension to your presentations by adding music. Happy presenting!