How To Do Pie Chart In Google Sheets

Google Sheets, a powerful and versatile online spreadsheet tool, allows you to do so much more than just inputting and computing data. One of its many features includes the ability to create a wide range of charts, including pie charts, line charts, and bar charts. In this blog, we will be specifically focusing on how to create a pie chart on Google Sheets.

Step 1: Prepare your data

Firstly, you need to organize your data. For a pie chart, you will need at least two columns: one for the categories and another for the corresponding values.

Step 2: Select the data range

Once your data is set up, you need to select the data you would like to include in your chart. To do this, click and drag your cursor over the cells containing the data to be included in the chart.

Step 3: Insert a chart

With your data selected, navigate to the menu bar at the top of the screen, and click on Insert > Chart.

Doing so opens the Chart editor panel on the right side of the screen. In the Chart editor panel, the pie chart option can be found under the Chart type dropdown menu.

Step 4: Customize your chart

Google Sheets allows you to adjust the appearance of your chart in several ways. You can add a title, adjust the colors of the pie slices, add data labels, and much more. These options can all be found within the Customize tab in the Chart editor panel.

An Example

A     B
1     Categories  Values
2     Apples      30
3     Oranges     40
4     Bananas     50

Let’s say you have a simple chart like the one above. After selecting the cell range A1:B4, you would then go to Insert > Chart. Under the Chart type dropdown menu, you would select the pie chart option. Then, you could customize the chart according to your preferences.

Creating a pie chart in Google Sheets is a straightforward process and offers a visual aid to better understand and present your data. Keep exploring Google Sheets to discover even more of its capabilities.