How To Do An Instagram Reel

Instagram is a social media platform that never fails to surprise us with its innovative features. One such feature, the Instagram Reels, has become a huge hit among users. The feature was introduced as a direct competitor to TikTok and allows users to create short, engaging videos. If you’re new to Instagram or have yet to explore Reels, we’ve got you covered! This blog post will guide you on how to do an Instagram Reel.

Step 1: Accessing Instagram Reels

To start creating your own Instagram Reel, you need to first access the Reels feature. To do this, open your Instagram app and tap the camera icon at the top, or swipe right anywhere on the screen.

Step 2: Selecting Reels

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see options for Live, Story, and Reels. Slide over to Reels to begin.

Step 3: Choose your Audio

Instagram gives you the option to choose a song from its vast library. Click on the audio option and select the song you want to include in your Reel.

Step 4: Setting the Time Limit

Next, set the duration for the Reel. Depending on your preference, choose between 15 seconds and 30 seconds.

Step 5: Record the Reel

Once you’ve set the music and time limit, it’s time to record your reel. Press and hold the record button to capture the video. In case you want to record multiple clips, you can release the record button and press it again when you’re ready to record the next portion.

Step 6: Editing the Reel

After recording, Instagram provides several options to edit your Reel. You can add filters, draw on the video, or add text to it. After you’re satisfied with the editing, tap the arrow button to proceed.

Step 7: Sharing the Reel

Last but not least, it’s time to share your reel with the world. Write a catchy caption, add some relevant hashtags, and tap share. You also have the option to save it as a draft or change the privacy settings before sharing.

And there you have it – your Instagram Reel is ready! While it might seem a bit overwhelming at first, with practice, you’ll be creating amazing Reels in no time. Happy creating!