How To Disable Input In Jquery

When building web applications, there are multiple scenarios where you might want to disable input elements, like buttons or text inputs, to prevent users from interacting with them. This can be useful during form validation or temporary disabling of buttons until certain conditions are met. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to disable input elements using jQuery.

Disabling an Input Element

To disable an input element using jQuery, you can simply use the prop() function and set the “disabled” property to true. Let’s say you have a button with the ID “myButton” and you want to disable it. The jQuery code to achieve this would be:

    $("#myButton").prop("disabled", true);

This line of code will set the “disabled” property of the button with the ID “myButton” to true, effectively disabling it.

Enabling an Input Element

If you want to enable a previously disabled input element, simply set the “disabled” property back to false using the prop() function. For example, to enable the button with the ID “myButton”, you would use the following code:

    $("#myButton").prop("disabled", false);

This line of code will set the “disabled” property of the button with the ID “myButton” to false, enabling it again for user interaction.

Disabling Multiple Input Elements

If you want to disable multiple input elements at once, you can use a common class or other attribute selector with the prop() function. For example, let’s say you have a form with multiple text inputs and buttons, all with a common class “formElement”. To disable all elements with this class, you can use the following jQuery code:

    $(".formElement").prop("disabled", true);

This line of code will set the “disabled” property of all elements with the class “formElement” to true, disabling all of them at once.


Disabling input elements using jQuery is a simple and efficient way to control user interactions with your web application. By using the prop() function and setting the “disabled” property to true or false, you can quickly enable or disable individual or multiple input elements as needed.