How To Deffer Js In Wp Rocket

WP Rocket is a popular caching plugin for WordPress that helps improve website performance by reducing page load times. One of the features of WP Rocket is the ability to defer JavaScript, which can further enhance your site’s performance.

What is JavaScript Deferral?

JavaScript deferral is a technique that delays the loading of JavaScript files until after the page has finished loading. This means that the browser can focus on loading the essential content first, such as images and text, before moving on to the JavaScript files.

Why Defer JavaScript?

Deferring JavaScript can have several benefits for your website’s performance. Firstly, it can reduce the amount of time it takes for the page to load, as the browser doesn’t need to wait for the JavaScript files to load before displaying the content. Secondly, it can improve the user experience by reducing the perceived loading time, as the essential content will be displayed sooner.

How to Defer JavaScript in WP Rocket

To defer JavaScript in WP Rocket, you need to go to the plugin’s settings page and navigate to the “JavaScript” tab. From there, you can select which JavaScript files you want to defer and choose whether to defer them on all pages or just specific ones.

Which JavaScript Files Should You Defer?

When deciding which JavaScript files to defer, it’s important to consider their impact on the page’s functionality. If a file is essential for the page to work properly, you may not want to defer it. However, if it’s a non-essential file that can be loaded later, such as a social media sharing button or an analytics script, then deferring it can help improve your site’s performance.


Deferring JavaScript in WP Rocket is a simple yet effective way to enhance your website’s performance. By delaying the loading of non-essential JavaScript files, you can reduce page load times and improve the user experience. Just remember to carefully consider which files to defer and ensure that they don’t impact the functionality of your site.