How To Deal With Zoom Bombers

Zoom bombing has emerged as a significant problem affecting virtual meetings and classes. It occurs when an unwelcome participant enters a meeting and disrupts it by displaying unsuitable materials or creating disruptive sounds. This article will explore strategies for handling Zoom bombers.

Preventative Measures

The first step in dealing with zoom bombing is to take preventative measures. This includes setting up a password for your meeting and sharing it only with those who are invited. You can also set up a waiting room so that you can screen participants before they join the meeting.

During the Meeting

If someone does manage to zoom bomb your meeting, there are several things you can do. Firstly, mute all participants except for yourself and any other hosts or presenters. This will prevent the disruptive person from making loud noises or sharing inappropriate content.

Next, you can remove the disruptive person from the meeting by clicking on their name and selecting “Remove.” You can also report them to Zoom for violating the terms of service. If the disruptive person is a repeat offender, you may want to consider blocking them from future meetings.

After the Meeting

Once the meeting has ended, it’s important to take steps to prevent zoom bombing in the future. This includes reviewing your security settings and making any necessary changes. You may also want to consider implementing stricter rules for meetings, such as requiring participants to use their real names or limiting screen sharing to hosts only.


Zoom bombing is a serious issue that can disrupt online meetings and classes. However, by taking preventative measures, responding quickly during the meeting, and taking steps to prevent it in the future, you can minimize the impact of zoom bombing on your virtual gatherings.