How To Create Your Own Element In Canva

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Canva is an exceptional platform that allows individuals to easily design a variety of items. A notable aspect is its capability to personalize elements. This tutorial will provide step-by-step instructions on how to do so.

What are Elements in Canva?

Elements in Canva are the basic building blocks of your design. They can be anything from basic geometric shapes, to intricate illustrations, lines, frames, stickers and more. You can also create your own personalized elements. This can be useful if you find yourself often using the same group of elements in your designs.

Steps to Create Your Own Element in Canva

Step 1: Login to Canva

To start, navigate to the Canva website and login with your account credentials. If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up for free.

Step 2: Create a New Design

Once logged in, click on the “Create a design” button on the top right corner of the homepage. You can choose from the given dimensions or input your own custom dimensions.

Step 3: Add Elements

Once you have your blank canvas, you can start adding elements. Click on the “Elements” tab on the left-side toolbar. Here you can browse through a vast library of elements and choose the ones suitable for your design. Drag and drop them onto your canvas.

Step 4: Customize the Elements

After adding your chosen elements, you can customize them. You can change their color, size, and position on the canvas. To do this, click on the element you wish to customize and use the editing options that appear on the top bar of your screen.

Step 5: Group the Elements

If you want to create a new element out of a combination of existing ones, simply group them. To do this, select all the elements you wish to group by holding down the Shift key and clicking on each of them. Once all are selected, click on the “Group” button on the top bar.

Step 6: Save Your New Element

After grouping the elements, it’s time to save your new element. Click on the “Save as a template” button located on the top bar. Your new element will then be saved in the “Saved Templates” section under “All your designs” on your Canva homepage.


Creating your own elements in Canva can help streamline your design process, making it faster and more efficient. Plus, it adds a personal touch to your designs. So why not give it a try?