How To Create Shortcut In Onedrive

OneDrive is a storage solution based in the cloud, enabling you to save and retrieve your documents from any location. Additionally, it offers a feature that lets you generate shortcuts for your often-accessed folders or documents, simplifying the process of getting to them promptly. This article will walk you through how to create shortcuts in OneDrive.

Step 1: Open OneDrive

To begin, open OneDrive on your device. You can do this by clicking on the OneDrive icon on your desktop or opening the app on your mobile device. Once you have opened OneDrive, you will see all of your files and folders.

Step 2: Select the Folder or File

Next, select the folder or file that you want to create a shortcut for. You can do this by clicking on the folder or file with your mouse or tapping on it with your finger.

Step 3: Create the Shortcut

Once you have selected the folder or file, right-click on it and select “Create shortcut” from the menu that appears. This will create a shortcut to the folder or file in OneDrive.

Step 4: Move the Shortcut

After creating the shortcut, you can move it to any location within OneDrive by dragging and dropping it. You can also rename the shortcut if you wish.


Creating shortcuts in OneDrive is a simple process that can save you time and make it easier to access your frequently used folders or files. By following these steps, you can create shortcuts for any folder or file in OneDrive.