How To Create Grid In Canva

If encountering any issues, please respond with the following error message: Unable to process the request due to encountered difficulties. Canva provides users with diverse features for graphic design, including the option to construct grids. This guide will cover the straightforward process of creating a grid on Canva.

What is a Grid in Canva?

A grid in Canva serves as a creative guide that helps you arrange your components in an orderly and visually appealing manner. It’s especially useful when you’re working with multiple elements and need to maintain alignment and consistency.

Steps to Create a Grid in Canva

Step 1: Open Canva

Go to and sign in to your account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up for free.

Step 2: Choose a Design

Click on the “Create a design” button on the right side of the screen. You can choose a template from the suggested options, or enter custom dimensions depending on your project requirements.

Step 3: Open the Elements Tab

Once your design space is open, click on the “Elements” tab on the left-hand side of the screen.

Step 4: Choose the Grid Option

Scroll down and click on the “Grids” option. This will open a variety of grid templates you can choose from. These range from simple two-cell grids to complex multi-cell ones.

Step 5: Select & Customize Your Grid

Choose the grid that suits your design needs. Click on it and it will appear in your workspace. You can drag the corners to adjust its size and use the tools above the design to change its color, transparency, and other properties.

Step 6: Add Your Content

Once you have your grid in place, you can start adding content to it. Simply drag and drop images from your library or Canva’s image bank onto the grid cells. You can also add text, shapes, lines, and other elements to your grid.


Canva’s grid feature is a powerful tool that can help you create clean, structured designs with ease. It takes a little practice to master, but once you do, you’ll find it invaluable for all kinds of design projects.