How To Create Engaging Google Slides

Google Slides is an excellent tool for creating professional presentations. It offers a wide array of features that lets you design engaging, visually appealing, and interactive slides. In this blog post, we will walk you through some effective tips and tricks to create compelling Google Slides presentations.

Start with a Template

Google Slides comes with a variety of templates you can use to kick-start your presentation. A template not only provides a consistent visual theme but also saves you a lot of time. To use a template, simply click on File, then select New and finally, From template.

Make Use of Visuals

Using visuals such as images, graphs, and infographics can make your presentation more engaging and easier to understand. To add an image to your slide, click on Insert, then Image, and choose an image from your computer or the web.

Keep Text to a Minimum

Presentations shouldn’t be text-heavy. Try to keep your slides simple and easy to read. Use bullet points to summarize key points and avoid paragraphs of text. Remember, your slides should support your speech, not deliver it.

Use Animations and Transitions

Transitions and animations can make your presentation more dynamic and engaging. To add a transition, click on Slide, then Change transition. To add animation, select an object, then click on Insert, then Animation.

Interactive Slides

Google Slides allows you to create interactive slides. You can embed videos, links, forms and even live data from Google Sheets. It’s a great way of making your presentations more interactive and engaging.


By using these tips, you can create engaging Google Slides presentations that will captivate your audience. Remember, the key to a great presentation lies in its ability to communicate effectively, and these tips should help you do just that!