How To Create Digital Downloads On Canva

Canva is a fantastic design tool used by professionals and novices alike. One of its many features is the ability to create digital downloads, which can be a great asset for your blog, online store, or website. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to create digital downloads on Canva.

Step 1: Sign in or Register

To start, you will need to either sign in to your existing account or register for a new one at the Canva website.

Step 2: Choose a Design

Once you’ve logged in, it’s time to choose a design. Canva has a wide array of templates to choose from, whether you’re creating an eBook, a brochure, or a social media post. Simply click on “Create a design” and select the template that best suits your needs.

Step 3: Customize Your Design

Now, you can start customizing your design. Use the tools on the left-hand side of the screen to add text, images, and other elements to your design. To add text, just click on the “Text” button and choose from a variety of pre-made text boxes or create your own.

Step 4: Save Your Design

Once you’re satisfied with your design, click on the “Download” button at the top right corner of the screen. A dropdown menu will appear, where you can choose the format you want your design to be saved in, such as JPEG, PDF, or PNG. Select your preferred format, then click on the “Download” button again to save your design to your computer.

Step 5: Upload and Share Your Design

Now that you’ve saved your design, you can upload and share it on your website, social media platforms, or online store. If you’re using WordPress, you can easily upload your design by going to the “Media” section and clicking on “Add New”. From there, you can select your design file and upload it.
Remember, for a file to be a digital download, it should be in a format that’s easily downloadable, like PDF or JPEG.


Creating digital downloads on Canva is a simple and straightforward process. With Canva’s easy-to-use interface and vast selection of templates, you can easily create professional-looking designs for your website, blog, or online store. So go ahead and start designing!