How To Create A Zoom Meeting With Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms offer an excellent method for conducting small group discussions and collaborative tasks within a Zoom meeting. This article aims to walk you through the steps necessary to set up a Zoom meeting that includes breakout rooms.

Step 1: Schedule a Meeting

To create a Zoom meeting with breakout rooms, first log in to your Zoom account and click on “Schedule” in the navigation bar. Enter the necessary details such as the meeting topic, date, time, and duration. Make sure to check the box for “Enable Breakout Rooms” under the “Advanced Options” section.

Step 2: Assign Participants to Breakout Rooms

Once you have scheduled the meeting, click on “Edit” and navigate to the “Breakout Room” tab. Here, you can assign participants to specific breakout rooms by clicking on “Assign” next to their name. You can also manually create breakout rooms by clicking on “Create Breakout Rooms.”

Step 3: Start the Meeting and Create Breakout Rooms

When it’s time for your meeting, start the Zoom call as usual. Once everyone has joined, click on the “Breakout Rooms” button in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Select “Create Breakout Rooms” and choose how many rooms you want to create. You can also customize the duration of each breakout room session.

Step 4: Manage Breakout Rooms

During the meeting, you can monitor the progress of each breakout room by clicking on “Breakout Rooms” in the toolbar. You can also move participants between rooms or end a breakout session early if needed.

Step 5: End the Meeting

When the meeting is over, click on “End Meeting” in the toolbar to close the Zoom call. Make sure to review any notes or feedback from the breakout sessions and follow up with participants as needed.


Creating a Zoom meeting with breakout rooms is a simple process that can greatly enhance the collaborative experience for your participants. By following these steps, you can ensure that your meeting runs smoothly and effectively.