How To Create A Location On Facebook

Facebook is not just a platform for connections, it is also a platform for businesses, small and large alike. One important aspect of using Facebook for business is being able to create and manage your own location. This feature allows users to check into your location, boosting your business’s visibility. In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps to create a location on Facebook.

Creating a Location on Facebook for your Business

Before we start, it’s important to note that you need a Facebook Business Page to create a location. If you don’t have one, you can follow the guide Create a Facebook Business Page to create one.

Step 1: Go to Your Facebook Page

Log into your Facebook account and navigate to your business page.

Step 2: Add a Location

Once you’re on your business page, navigate to the About section, and then click Edit Page Info. In the Location section, you’ll find an option to add your address. You need to input the address of your business location accurately.

Step 3: Enable Check-ins

After adding your address, check the box that says Customers visit my business at my street address (unchecking this box will hide your street address and check-ins). This is what enables people to check-in at your location.

Step 4: Save Changes

Remember to save your changes. You have now successfully created a location on Facebook!

Please remember while putting your location, it is utmost important to input the correct and accurate details. This is because the address you input will be visible to Facebook users, and it will be the location where users can check-in.


As you can see, creating a location on Facebook is quite simple. All you need is a Facebook Business page and an accurate address. Once you’ve set up your location, your customers and visitors can start checking into your business, which not only increases your visibility but also aids in marketing your business more effectively. So, why wait? Go ahead and create your location on Facebook today!