How To Create A Google Slides Theme

Welcome to our blog where we’re constantly seeking to make your tech-life easier. Today, we’re going to guide you on how to create a Google Slides theme. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll be able to customize your own unique theme that will make your presentations stand out.

1. Start a Blank Presentation

First of all, navigate to Google Slides and start a new blank presentation. To do this, click on the + (plus) icon or you can go to File > New > Presentation.

2. Creating Your Master Slide

This is an important step as it’s where you design the layout of your theme. Navigate to the toolbar and click on Slide > Edit Master. This will bring up the master slide and supporting layouts. Here, you can customize the background, text, colors, add images, shapes and many more.

3. Customize Slide Layouts

In this stage, you can style individual slide layouts to suit your presentation needs. On the left side in the master view, you can see a variety of slide layouts. Just click on any layout and start customizing.

4. Save Your Theme

After customizing your theme to your satisfaction, it’s time to save it for future use. To do this, click on the Themes button on the toolbar. Then click on Save current theme. Give it a name that’s easy to remember, then click Save.

5. Apply Your Theme

Now that your new theme is saved, you can apply it to any presentation. Just navigate to Slide > Change theme, then select your saved theme.

And voila! You have just created and applied your Google Slides theme. Now, all your future presentations can be branded in your unique style.


Creating a Google Slides theme is a great way to ensure brand consistency throughout your presentations while saving you time. We hope that this guide was helpful. Do explore the various customization options Google Slides offers and truly make your theme your own.