How To Create A Digital Escape Room With Google Slides

If you’re an educator looking for a fun and engaging way to teach your students, or simply someone who wants to create a unique and interactive experience for your friends, a digital escape room is the way to go. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of creating a digital escape room using Google Slides.

Step 1: Plan Your Escape Room

Before diving into Google Slides, it’s essential to plan your escape room first. Choose a theme, plot your narrative, and decide on the puzzles that participants must solve to ‘escape.’ Make sure your puzzles align with the theme and the story to create a more immersive experience.

Step 2: Get Started with Google Slides

Once your plan is set, it’s time to bring your escape room to life. Go to Google Slides and create a new presentation. You can choose a template or start from scratch. Each slide will represent a ‘room’ or step in your escape room.

Step 3: Design Your Slides

Use the Insert tool to add text boxes, images, shapes, and other elements to your slides. To bring your theme to life, you can use images as backgrounds. Remember, you can also adjust the size of your slides under the File > Page setup menu.

Step 4: Create Interactive Elements

To make your escape room interactive, you can create clickable elements that lead to different slides. To do this, select the element, click on the Insert link button, and choose the slide you want it to link to. You can also make incorrect answers lead to ‘dead ends’ to add challenge to your escape room.

Step 5: Lock Your Objects

You’ll want to ensure that participants can’t accidentally move or delete elements in your escape room. To do this, go to the Arrange > Group menu to lock your objects in place.

Step 6: Share Your Escape Room

Finally, once you’re happy with your digital escape room, it’s time to share it with others. Click on the Share button at the top right of the screen and make sure to change the sharing setting to “Anyone with the link can view.” This will ensure that participants can interact with your escape room, but cannot edit any of its contents.

Creating a digital escape room with Google Slides is a fun and creative way to engage learners or provide entertainment. With a bit of planning and creativity, you can create a truly interactive and immersive experience.