How To Create A Bitmoji Classroom In Google Slides

With the shift to remote learning, teachers are constantly looking for ways to engage their students and make online teaching more interactive. One such innovation is the Bitmoji Classroom developed in Google Slides. It’s a unique, interactive, and engaging online learning environment where teachers can create virtual replicas of their classrooms. This blog post will guide you step-by-step on creating your Bitmoji Classroom in Google Slides.

Step 1: Install Bitmoji Chrome Extension

Your first step is to install the Bitmoji Chrome Extension on your computer. Visit the Chrome Web Store, search for Bitmoji, and click on Add to Chrome to install it. Once you’ve installed it, sign in with your Snapchat account or use an email to sign up.

Step 2: Create a New Google Slide

Go to your Google Drive, click on + New and select Google Slides to create a new slide. Rename your slide as ‘Bitmoji Classroom’ or any name that you prefer.

Step 3: Design Your Classroom Background

To design your classroom, go to Slide > Change Background and select a color or image that you want as your classroom wall. You could also use a template provided by Google Slides.

Step 4: Insert Items into Your Classroom

Now it’s time to personalize your virtual classroom by adding items such as tables, chairs, bookshelves, or a blackboard. To do this, go to Insert > Image > Search the web. Type in the item you want to add, e.g., ‘transparent classroom table’ and insert it into your slide.

Step 5: Add Your Bitmoji

Click on the Bitmoji Chrome extension that you installed earlier and search for the Bitmoji you want to include in your classroom. Right-click on the Bitmoji, select Copy, and then Paste it into your Google Slide.

Step 6: Make Your Classroom Interactive

Make your Bitmoji Classroom interactive by linking different elements to specific resources, such as a book on the shelf linking to a specific reading material. To do this, select the item, click on Insert > Link, and insert the URL of the resource you want to link to.

Step 7: Share Your Bitmoji Classroom

Once you’re satisfied with your design, you can share your Bitmoji Classroom with your students. Click on File > Share and provide the link to your students. Ensure that you have set the sharing settings to allow your students to view the classroom.


Creating a Bitmoji Classroom in Google Slides is a fun and interactive way to engage your students in online learning. It allows you to create a virtual learning environment that closely mimics the traditional classroom setup. With this step-by-step guide, you can create your own personalized Bitmoji Classroom and make your online teaching more enjoyable and engaging.