How To Count Yes In Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a great tool for organizing and analyzing data. When working with a large amount of data, you might find yourself needing to count how many times a specific word or phrase appears. For example, you might need to count how many times ‘Yes’ appears in a column or row. This can be done easily using the COUNTIF function in Google Sheets.

The COUNTIF Function

The COUNTIF function is a simple yet powerful tool in Google Sheets used to count cells that meet a single criterion that you specify. The syntax of the COUNTIF function is as follows:

=COUNTIF(range, criterion)


  • range is the area you want to analyze.
  • criterion is the criterion that will be applied on the range. In our case, the criterion is “Yes”.

Counting ‘Yes’ with COUNTIF

Let’s assume we have a list of responses in column A and we want to count how many ‘Yes’ answers there are. In the cell where you want to display the count, you would use the following formula:

=COUNTIF(A:A, "Yes")

This will count all cells in column A that contain exactly ‘Yes’.

Case Sensitivity in Google Sheets

Google Sheets is case-insensitive by default, meaning ‘YES’, ‘yes’, and ‘YeS’ are all considered the same. If you want to perform a case-sensitive count, you will need to use a different function called COUNTIFS. This function allows for multiple conditions. Here is the formula:

=COUNTIFS(A:A, "=Yes", A:A, "<>yes")

This formula will only count ‘Yes’ exactly as it is, ignoring ‘yes’ or any other variation.


Counting the occurrence of a specific word or phrase in Google Sheets is easy thanks to the COUNTIF function. Whether or not you need to consider case sensitivity, you can customize the function to suit your needs. Happy counting!