How To Connect Wrike And Things


Wrike is a project management tool that helps teams collaborate and manage tasks effectively. Things, on the other hand, is a task management app that allows individuals to organize their personal tasks and projects. In this article, we will discuss how to connect Wrike and Things to streamline your workflow and improve productivity.

Step 1: Install the Wrike Integration for Things

To connect Wrike and Things, you need to install the Wrike integration for Things. You can find it in the Things app store or by searching for “Wrike” in the search bar.

Step 2: Connect Your Wrike Account

Once you have installed the Wrike integration, open the Things app and go to your profile. From there, select “Settings” and then “Integrations.” Scroll down until you see “Wrike” and tap on it. Enter your Wrike login information to connect your account.

Step 3: Create a New Project in Wrike

To start using the integration, create a new project in Wrike. Give it a name and add any relevant details or tasks. You can also assign team members to the project if necessary.

Step 4: Create a New Area in Things

In Things, go to your “Areas” tab and create a new area. Give it a name that corresponds to the Wrike project you created in step 3. This will help you keep track of which tasks belong to which project.

Step 5: Create a New Task in Things

In Things, go to your “Today” tab and create a new task. Give it a name that corresponds to one of the tasks you created in Wrike. You can also add any relevant details or notes to the task.

Step 6: Connect the Tasks

Once you have created the task in Things, tap on it and select “Linked Task” from the menu. From there, select “Wrike” and choose the task that corresponds to the one you just created in Things. This will link the two tasks together and allow you to easily switch between them.

Step 7: Repeat for All Tasks

Repeat steps 4-6 for all of the tasks in your Wrike project. This will ensure that all of your tasks are connected and easily accessible from both apps.


By connecting Wrike and Things, you can streamline your workflow and improve productivity. The integration allows you to seamlessly switch between the two apps and keep track of all of your tasks in one place. Give it a try and see how it can benefit your work!