How To Choose A Breakout Room In Zoom

Breakout rooms serve as a vital function in Zoom, enabling the formation of subgroups within a broader meeting context. They prove invaluable for activities such as brainstorming sessions, collaborative discussions, or simply for casual conversation. Nonetheless, the selection of an appropriate breakout room can significantly influence the success of your gathering. Below are several strategies for selecting the ideal breakout room on Zoom.

Consider the Purpose of the Meeting

Before you even start thinking about which breakout room to choose, it’s important to consider the purpose of your meeting. Are you trying to brainstorm ideas? Have a group discussion? Or just socialize? Once you know the purpose of your meeting, you can start thinking about which breakout rooms would be most effective.

Choose the Right Number of Breakout Rooms

The number of breakout rooms you choose will depend on the size of your group and the purpose of your meeting. If you’re having a small group discussion, one or two breakout rooms might be enough. However, if you’re trying to brainstorm ideas with a larger group, you may need more than that.

Assign Participants to Breakout Rooms

Once you’ve chosen the number of breakout rooms you want, it’s time to assign participants to those rooms. You can do this manually by selecting each participant and assigning them to a room, or you can let Zoom automatically assign participants based on their interests or other criteria.

Monitor Breakout Rooms

While your participants are in their breakout rooms, it’s important to monitor the conversation and make sure everything is going smoothly. You can do this by hopping between rooms or by using the chat feature to communicate with participants.

Reconvene the Group

Once your breakout sessions are over, it’s time to reconvene the group and share what was discussed in each room. You can do this by having each group report back to the larger group or by sharing notes from each room.


Choosing the right breakout room in Zoom can make all the difference in how effective your meeting is. By considering the purpose of your meeting, choosing the right number of breakout rooms, assigning participants to those rooms, monitoring the conversation, and reconvening the group, you can ensure that your meeting is productive and engaging.