How To Check If My Zoom Account Is Hacked

Zoom has gained widespread appeal as a tool for video conferencing, serving both individual and business needs. Yet, as its usage has surged, there have been instances of unauthorized individuals breaking into Zoom accounts. In this piece, we’ll explore how you can determine whether your Zoom account has been compromised and the measures you can implement to protect it.

Signs That Your Zoom Account Has Been Hacked

There are several signs that your Zoom account may have been hacked. These include:

  • Unexpected emails or notifications from Zoom
  • Unfamiliar meeting invitations in your Zoom calendar
  • Unauthorized changes to your account settings
  • Strange activity on your Zoom account, such as meetings you didn’t attend or recordings you didn’t make

How to Check If Your Zoom Account Has Been Hacked

If you suspect that your Zoom account has been hacked, there are several steps you can take to check. These include:

  1. Log in to your Zoom account and review your account settings. Look for any changes that you didn’t make.
  2. Check your Zoom calendar for any meetings or events that you don’t recognize. If there are any, delete them immediately.
  3. Review your Zoom recordings to see if there are any that you didn’t make. If there are, delete them immediately and change your password.

How to Secure Your Zoom Account

If you suspect that your Zoom account has been hacked, it’s important to take steps to secure it. These include:

  • Change your password immediately and use a strong, unique password.
  • Enable two-factor authentication on your Zoom account.
  • Review your Zoom settings and disable any features that you don’t need or use.


In conclusion, it’s important to be vigilant about the security of your Zoom account. By being aware of the signs that your account may have been hacked and taking steps to secure it, you can protect yourself from potential cyber threats.